Key Fob Programming and Replacement

Key fobs brought a new wave of convenience and improved security. These remote keys interact with the car’s electronics to open the doors, start the engine, or even both without any physical touch. Key fobs can be attached to the mechanical key or come as a separate device.

But what happens when you lose this super-useful piece of hardware or it starts malfunctioning? The solution to a malfunctioning key fob is reprogramming, while you can only replace a misplaced or lost key fob.

Quick Chicago Key Fob Replacement Services

At Car Key Replacement Chicago, we handle every aspect of replacing a key fob. Once we have assessed your vehicle, we can get you a new key fob, program it, and make it ready for immediate use.

Chicago Key Fob Programming You Can Trust

Our professional auto locksmiths are experienced with different types of electronic keys for cars, SUVs, and even trucks. We offer reliable reprogramming services, where we remove the existing keys from your car’s computer and replace them with new and updated keys.

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We understand how important your time is. So, we have our mobile auto locksmiths on standby to show up at your location and provide the key fob replacement and repair services you need.

You can call us on (312) 767-1100.

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